What a Bad Month for Blogging!

In the last month things were going against this blog. The readership of Leap On! dropped significantly from about 2000 visits a month to only 1100 or so visits a month, which was a huge 40 – 50% drop!

Looking into the statistics, I found out that the real culprit was Google: the search engine cut the traffic to about a third of its usual level. Add to the fact that Google search comprised a huge portion of traffic to my blog (about 50%). Seeing the graph gave me the impression of drilling down a hill… oooh T.T

The graph for traffic from Google over the last month (which was April 2008)

It’s not that the human species will become extinct after that last roll-down-the-hill, it’s even worse – I can’t get the motivation to continue blogging, and I might get rid of blogging altogether…

— positive thinking mode ON —

The hard fact is that recently I was very busy preparing and doing a lot of exams at my school (state requirements, blah blah). Consequently, the number of posts and the quality of them also dropped last month. Also, some of the better posts I wrote recently were in Indonesian, something Google didn’t appreciate quite happily. So there were no reason for people to read, and the rolling world kept going ahead despite my standing here. Starting to write quality posts are the next most compelling action I should do.

— positive thinking mode OFF

Can somebody cheer me up? No, I even forgot that I wrote about my blogging motivation... T.T


I am glad that Google.

I am glad that Google searches is my first source of traffic. anyway, I've heard some bloggers saying that the main reason for the drop is Google punishment. Maybe you can try to check your indexed pages.

I don't really understand.

I don't really understand about that Google punishment. What are the qualifications of websites that get punished by Google...?

Keep Writing.

Keep writing.
Write whatever you want to write.

But, honestly, I prefer more simplicity in your theme design.


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