Motivations and CS3216

Don't you think that motivation is such a curiosity? Initially they all float around your head, trying to be heard by the prime consciousness -- I'm fun! I can make you smarter! I can give you loads of money! I can get you a girl! Only when we are asked by people or write it down will they be forever etched, "chosen" as The True Reason of doing things. The weight of each motivation is however never set in stone and might not even be realized by our consciousness.

So let me guide you around the voices that tell me to read CS3216 this semester, without the weights of course :) (I was asked to write this post as a requirement for CS3216. That's (one of) the motivation to write this post!)

First things first... the description as the appetizer

CS3216, or "Software Development in Evolving Platforms", is a programming-intensive module in NUS where you are not taught how to program but how to launch. Therefore we are expected to create meaningful applications throughout the module. Bleeding edge platforms are leveraged in the projects, meaning that there is less "best practices" hanging around and the best way to know whether it works is by banging your keyboard and see it yourself.  


Unlike other CS modules, students will be asked not to reinvent the wheel just to prove that you can indeed reinvent the wheel. I mean, why reinvent the wheel if you can use your time to invent next-generation jetpack or segway?

Besides programming, I also want to learn other stuff like marketing and working in teams. Apparently CS3216 is going to force us to learn these along the way, so I hope we can learn a lot more than just programming!


Since my major does not relate to computer studies at all, I find it rather difficult to meet up with like-minded people in this direction (the other direction would be the healthcare people, which are plenty). The best I can find is the people in the UROPS project I partook last semester about machine learning for drug resistance classification.

Who you know also shapes you, so by making friends with awesome people I can also be awesome! I hope I can make awesome friends along the way!


The bad thing with hobby is that you won't get degrees even if you're very good at it. Forgive me if this sounds cocky, but I am quite confident that I am on par with computer science majors as programmers (or if you like it, software developers) (NOT as computer scientist). I get technical questions from people taking computing classes, I understand their lecture notes, I led a CCA in technical position.

 Taking serious CS module lets me clear up the confusion should I need to show off that I can also do software development. (That IT1002 where I got A+ from almost no studying is not counted.)

Think big

The professor is very open to the idea of submitting the projects we create to various competitions or possibly launching it in the real world (as in start a company based on the product). Set a high bar for yourself and you will find out that you can actually reach the bar!

Yet another reason to blog

I've been blogging on-and-off for 4 years and I'm still liking it. I hope that the way CS3216 structures blogging as a grading criteria will at least give me another reason to write posts!

Other not-so-sexy reasons...

One big plus for me is that this module is also open to non-computing students who can prove (based on the application email) that they can contribute to the team when creating the applications.

Of course, there's that self guilt...

In the end it all comes to myself. It feels weird not to take the chance of taking a serious CS module before graduating. I need to get the most out from my stay at NUS!


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