Looking for the DBook Plugin?

I looked at my blog statistics and I saw that about 50 visitors came from a Weblog Tools Collection page looking for an ancient WordPress plugin named DBook. That is just for one month. Like I said a looong time ago,

Dbook is a WordPress plugin to show Drupal-like page navigation on your static pages. It can also create hierarchies of ordinary posts, and link between them. DBook is meant to imitate the functionality of Drupal book module.

But the problem is that the WordPress blog is gone (not that it ever really exists for a long time), and the plugin is, I think, gone too from my computer. Anybody having this plugin is welcome to upload the plugin somewhere and put a link here.

I also feared that as the code is a bit old, it is not compatible with the current WordPress version. Because currently I have little interest in developing plugins for WordPress, anybody can take the code and develop / maintain it (an overkill statement as the code is in GPL).

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