Get A Piece of Cake Now, and Smile to The World

Really. That helps a lot (but don’t overeat, please).

Today is a revelational day for me. This morning I received a letter (the electronic one) from Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen concerning my Pingback module. The motivation of the writing is that the current maintainer of Pingback module who is not me because I am a slacker does not seem to maintain a faithful interest in the module. Therefore, he proposed himself to replace the role of Dennys the maintainer. Actually Andreas had shown a good interest in the module by submitting issues and proposing a patch to upgrade the module for Drupal 6.0, so I gladly accepted his offer.

Later in the day, Suryanto Rachmat posted a comment in my blog asking my permission to maintain another of my Drupal module. I’ve never met this person but he obviously has an identical nationality to me (Indonesia) and he uses Drupal and my Pingback module. I told him that he will be able to do it if he is responsible for the maintenance work. I don’t know which two devils hit me today.

The revelational part is that I have made a non-trivial contribution to an open source platform, and some people are really using it to the extent that they fuss over maintenance and even a screencast. It is not something to be cherished by the neighborhood, but it is so fascinating that a spare-time hobby grows into something so real and usable. People around the world had spent so much time poking around my homemade works, and I am just an unknown high school student.

Another of today’s fascination is that open source really magnificently works. You made something great, you threw it out or left it alone in the woods, and somebody popped out saying “hey, I would like to upgrade your work so it gets better, for free!” (of course, that somebody would benefit from using the works, but I paid no cent for the upgrade.) It is like a swarm of user-developer hybrids all working together – not “all for one” (well those are dictators), not “one for all” (monopolistic corporations), but “all for all” (open source!).

So treat yourself with the cake I mentioned in the title (okay, it’s just a teaser), and give some love to the world. It will get back to you. I promise.


Yes, we use the Pingback.

Yes, we use the Pingback module intensively. For example, we got not less than 15 pingbacks in this story! Thanks for the good module! I like it because it generates "social proof". I mean, it shows that someone speaks about you, which is social proof :)

One improvement what I suggest: the text generated by the module is not always impressive. The text could be twice as long as now. If you look at the pingbacks or trackbacks in Wordpress blogs, then you can see that the pingback or trackback texts are a little longer.

Thanks, that works because.

Thanks, that works because pingbacks are enabled in WordPress (the most popular blogging platform) by default.

Mmm, I don't know about the text. Probably you can post an issue on I think I copied it perfectly then, maybe WordPress made some improvements later after the module had been done.


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