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I have moved my website from to (those domains are free, by the way). The primary reason is that Google cannot access my website. Yes, it is true – it seems to have something to do about free DNS service, because from my uptime statistics, some servers failed to look up for the domain! Google also reported that it cannot get to the website in its Google Sitemap control panel (or whatever it is named :p).

This is very weird, because from what I have ever known, the structure of DNS makes the system possible to deal with heavy load. Also a DNS lookup everywhere in the world should give a precise and predetermined value (with the exception of when a DNS record change and one must wait for the change to propagate and invalidate the cache of other servers).

I suspect that the nameserver is a bit overloaded a lot of time, so when Google does a lookup, it gets a timeout. It doesn’t matter if it is just a small part of the world, but unfortunately it is Google! That means I couldn’t get any traffic coming from Google.

As the website is not really popular yet I think this won’t hurt anybody. I also redirected the old domain to here, in case some people get here from established links. Thanks for the attention and enjoy!


hay man ! i want to change my.

hay man !
i want to change my web link ( to
Can u told how can i do it ? think a lot !



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