Buying A Real Domain Name, Help Me Choose!

This blog grows larger and larger, but there's a catch: the domain is a free subdomain on domain. That means the owner of can piss me off everytime he/she wishes to. So to remedy the situation, I need to buy a real domain name (you know, like or I know how domains work because I bought one for a school project (not with my money). The problem is that I don't know what to buy!

My full name is Leontius Adhika Pradhana, usually called Leon, but leon.[com|net|org] is obviously taken. I also don't have a nickname I guard with pride. is available (I prefer .net to .com), but it sounds clunky and weird. I considered, but that's too long, and is already taken (what the!?!).

A neat trick with domain names is to use anagrams of your name. So I have (from Leon),, (from Leon AP .net), (already taken), (from Leontius), Some of my more-obsessive-on-computer-than-me friends also use the anagram trick (don't think I don't get it baby).

Which one do you think is better? Or do you have any other suggestions?




That's nice but it is hard.

That's nice but it is hard to spell. I might consider it, thanks!

hey i like.

hey i like anagrams!!!
how bout neoleon.[com|net|org]?

sounds cool, eh?

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