A Pingback Implementation for Drupal Under Development

In order to enhance the power of Drupal as a blogging platform, I have planned on creating a pingback 1.0 implementation. This can be a great alternative to the current Trackback module for Drupal. There have been great chattering about how Trackback and Pingback compared to each other, and I must say that pingback is the better tool for the job.

I planned to finish it by next week; most of the function are already available but the display and user interface have not been finished. I also attached this development version which is superbly messy but can receive and deliver pingbacks (note: I think you need the Development module just to shut it up from errors). Stay tuned for the release!

PS. here’s a nice post about implementing Trackback and Pingback.

pingback.zip11.99 KB


ping back itu untuk apa?

maaf, saya newbie masalah web.tapi sesama pengguna drupal, bolehkah saya bertanya apa itu pink back?gunanya untuk apaa?

Pingback itu seperti.

Pingback itu seperti mekanisme otomatis agar setiap ada link ke suatu website luar, otomatis website tersebut akan diberitahu dan akan otomatis juga menaruh link di situ.

PS: link websitenya salah? Sudah saya benarkan.

Pingback. [...] news for bloggers using Drupal: pingback module is here, at last. It is a pingback user agent as specified in Pingback 1.0. I have tested the module in my offline [...]


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