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Qassia - Share Knowledge, Gain Popularity, Earn Money

Today I noticed Qassia, a website so ambitious to be a knowledge repository – directly rivaling Wikipedia. What I really like about it is that it will credit the people who wrote in the knowledge, paying off your hard work instead of throwing it away to the society like Wikipedia (it’s not that charity is evil, but most people want to be known). The website says,

Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add – only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks.

In other words, you can quality backlinks (perfect for SEO) by adding up more intelligence to the website. Also, they offer a revenue sharing scheme, which may give a boost on Google Adsense earnings.

If the concept of Qassia really rocks, it can be the next best thing after Wikipedia. It can also really build up money and fame if done right. Currently it is in closed beta, but feel free to use my Quassia invitation/invite! Let’s try this one and see whether it will work wonders.

5 Online Tools for Web Development

Sure, Firebug and Web Developer extensions for Firefox can do a lot of tricks. However, I have found that these web services are very useful in common web development tasks, and solve common tasks not accomplished by the extensions mentioned above.

Visual PageRank: PageRank is the measure of the popularity of a page used by Google – everybody wants high PageRank because it means that the page can generate lots of traffic from Google. You can view individual PageRanks with Google Toolbar, but it is daunting to check every pages in your website with the toolbar. Visual Pagerank provides an overlay on top of your website, showing the Pagerank of pages linked from a specified URL. Read more »

New Domain Name - leapon.net!

After much consideration, the blog finally moved from leon.info.tm to leapon.net. Big cheers to myself :)

Why leapon.net?

Choosing a domain name is hard task, especially because most great names were already taken by somebody else. For example, I cannot buy leon.net because it is owned by another person (ugh! I want that one!). Buying the name from the person would be very expensive, so I had to come out with an original name. (Not so original – In fact, leapon.com is already registered! Thank God they don’t take the .net along when they were registering the .com.)

The second reason is that leapon is an anagram of “Leon A. P.”. I like anagrams :D

Leap On also has quite a meaning that I like. Probably it is not a grammatically correct English construct, but it refers to something high and powerful. It exudes optimistic thinking. I hope that we all can always be optimistic in our life! Read more »

Akhirnya, cccup2008.com

Akhirnya website CC Cup 2008 yang sebenarnya sudah bisa diakses. Sebelumnya ada sedikit masalah dengan nameserver, sehingga baru jadi sekarang.

Website sementara yang terdahulu sudah di-redirect ke sana.

Website Canisius College Cup 2008 (Sementara!)

Website Canisius College Cup (CC Cup) 2008 sementara sudah bisa dilihat. Nantinya kami akan menggunakan domain asli .com/.net/.org, tetapi karena belum dibeli jadi pakai domain ini dulu.

Seharusnya hosting dilakukan di host milik Kanisius sekarang, cuma masalahnya hostnya sudah tidak jelas lagi aral melintangnya. Jadilah untuk sementara saya yang harus menanggung beban bandwithnya. Asal jangan lewat kuota bandwith… (kalau lewat, website ini juga ikutan down deh… tidaaaak)

Why Not Nofollow Links?

Nofollow is a property that you can add to a link. It goes like this: <a href="http://leonti.us.to/" rel="nofollow">a nofollow link</a> (notice the rel=“nofollow” clause). Basically it tells search engines not to take the link into consideration when calculating the quality of a page (for Google, it is PageRank). Usually it is put in blog comments, as links in comments are not really from the website owner but from unknown commenters.

Traditionally, nofollow specification was invented to significantly decrease the effectiveness of spammy comments; they won’t get much benefit if all comments are nofollow-ed. Read more »

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