7 Habits of Highly Innovative People

Took this from Tina Su’s Think Simple blog.

1. Persistence – Innovation involves more than just great ideas. We need faith, hard work and a laser sharp focus for the end result to keep persisting for our vision in the face of roadblocks. We tend to see the end result of a creative idea in awe, but what we don’t see are the actions, hard work and persistence behind the scene to make the vision a reality.

“Invention is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”, – Thomas A. Edison

2. Remove Self-Limiting Inhibitions – Under the spell of inhibition, we feel limited and stuck. We need to free ourselves from these mind-created constraints by removing assumptions and restrictions. This is what we refer to when we say “think outside the box”. Encourage ourselves to be open to new ideas and solutions without setting limiting beliefs. Remember, innovation is more about psychology than intellect. Read more »

Who Has the Oil?

Who Has the Oil?: amount of oil reserves countries have.

World map of oil reserves and consumption. Scaled to the amount of oil reserves countries have.

It is pretty sad actually that some controversial international policies revolve around the greed for oil…

Sinking Currency, Sinking Country

From Yahoo! News opinion.

The euro, worth 83 cents in the early George W. Bush years, is at $1.45.

The British pound is back up over $2, the highest level since the Carter era. The Canadian dollar, which used to be worth 65 cents, is worth more than the U.S. dollar for the first time in half a century.

Oil is over $90 a barrel. Gold, down to $260 an ounce not so long ago, has hit $800.

Have gold, silver, oil, the euro, the pound and the Canadian dollar all suddenly soared in value in just a few years?

Nope. The dollar has plummeted in value, more so in Bush’s term than during any comparable period of U.S. history. Indeed, Bush is presiding over a worldwide abandonment of the American dollar.

Is it all Bush’s fault? Nope.

The dollar is plunging because America has been living beyond her means, borrowing $2 billion a day from foreign nations to maintain her standard of living and to sustain the American Imperium. Read more »

How to Boost Your Brain Power

Taken from Lifehack.

Have you ever noticed that some people effortlessly learn new concepts and materials while others struggle? Napoleon Bonaparte learned the names of thousands of his loyal soldiers. World champion chess players can replay games in their mind from years ago. I have often wondered how these intellectual marvels have accomplished such great feats.

Some were born with extraordinarily high IQ’s, but certainly not all.

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that will help you to learn faster, study better, and begin absorbing information like a sponge.

Here are 7 tips to get you started. Read more »

Why Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

Economists and psychologists—and the rest of us—have long wondered if more money would make us happier. Here’s the answer.

Read the whole article.

Mari Menghemat Abjad

Abjad yang digunakan di dalam bahasa Indonesia berjumlah 26. Ke-26 abjad tersebut rasanya masih terlalu banyak, dan lagipula ada beberapa abjad yang jarang sekali digunakan.

Oleh karena itu mari kita sederhanakan abjad-abjad tersebut dan menyesuaikan dengan kata-kata yang kita gunakan.

Pertama-tama, huruf X, kita ganti dengan gabungan huruf K dan S. Kebetulan hampir tidak ada kata dalam bahasa Indonesia asli yang menggunakan huruf ini, kebanyakan merupakan kata serapan dari bahasa asing. Misalnya taxi menjadi taksi, maximal menjadi maksimal, dst.

Selanjutnya, huruf Q kita ganti dengan KW. Serupa dengan X, kata2 yang mengunakan huruf ini juga sangat sedikit sekali.

Berikutnya, huruf Z. Huruf Z kita ganti menjadi C. Tidak ada alasan kuat tentang hal ini.

Huruf Y diganti dengan I. Hal ini dilakukan sebab bunii huruf tersebut mirip dengan I.

Kemudian huruf F dan V keduania diganti menjadi P. Pada lepel ini masih belum terjadi perubahan iang signipikan.

Hurup W kemudian diganti menjadi hurup U. Berarti sampai saat ini kita sudah mengeliminasi 7 hurup. Read more »

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