How to connect your blog with Google Buzz

Want your blog updates to appear automatically in Google Buzz? Here are the easy steps to do that: Read more »

  1. Go to your profile at Scroll down to "Links" section and add your blog URL and name there.
  2. Your blog will appear at the "My links" section. Click edit, tick "This is a profile page about me." and then click "Done".
  3. Now go to your blog and do either one of these:
    • Make a link to your Google profile on your blog, with rel="me" inside the </code><a> tag. For example: </a><code><a href="">My Google profile</a>. (In Wordpress, you can also tick "another web address of mine" in XFN section when you add a link to simulate the rel="me" part.)
    • Alternatively (for more advanced users), you may put this HTML on the of your blog:

Let Yourself Feel

A very beautiful piece of visualization.

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

Reading of Interest: Getting Real

Seven people, two years old, no funding, success. That's the elegant 37signals, creator of splendid web-based applications and the tradition-breaking Ruby on Rails framework.

And they wrote the book "Getting Real" about how great they are in managing small team. A genuinely interesting read for web developers, programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs; much more if you're small bits of (or aspiring to be) all those.

The Curious Case of David Widjaja

This case of David Widjaja Hartanto is driving me crazy. This whole week I have been in constant barrage of information and request for comments from friends and even family about this case. Wow.

This loss of life must be shocking and we, people who share common bond with David albeit weak and small, share our deepest condolences for David's family.

Today I received an email containing a letter which supposedly was written by Klemens A., David's friend. Seems that this letter (in Indonesian) has fallen into many hands so I won't post it here. I will translate portions of this letter that fascinate me most, and have my say.

My subjective opinion and recent development are also added.

Note: I am an NUS student with Indonesia nationality. So bias is inevitable. Also note the disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

About the slit in the wrist

From the letter: Read more »

Dropbox: backup, sharing, and versioning for dummies

Let's see a few common problems of file management for commoners:

  • They never care about backing up their data as it is usually too cumbersome.
  • They work on multiple PCs and their head aches about synchronising all of their stuff between computers. Or they are working on a project and they keep passing around files by flash disk or e-mails and forget which person has which version and which files are the latest version.
  • They keep the history of their documents neatly by appending phrases: "Letter to X.doc", "Letter to X (boss amend).doc", "Letter to X (final).doc", "Letter to X (final amended).doc", "Letter to X (final final).doc", "Letter to X (real final).doc" (which become less and less intuitive on each iteration!).

I was one of all those people once --- but not anymore because of a free service called Dropbox. It makes backup, sharing, and versioning a snap for everyone. Zero learning curve. Read more »

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