Drug of the Day!

So I've been enjoying myself in this vacation time, yay! :) Besides playing games and simply have fun, I still have quite a few "serious" plans to keep myself productive, so boredom won't come. My to-do-on-vacation list still had quite a few items, and in this atmosphere it's not going to deplete very soon ;)

Okay, back to the topic. I feel that I have not contributed that much into my major (well, my to-do list has nothing to do with pharmacy), so in this spare time I made the Drug of the Day page.

What this page does is that it redirects you to the Wikipedia page of one of the best money-making drugs in the world. Each day it will redirect you to different drug, so bookmark and you can study about one new popular drug everyday. For example, at the time of this writing, the drug of the day is valsartan (marketed under Diovan by Novartis), an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. Of course I haven't really learnt that much about drugs, but wikipedia pages are very nice for learning something new. Read more »

Buat Game Yuk!!!

UPDATE: jika Anda tertarik, silahkan isi formulir di <>!

Impian gw sejak kecil yaitu… membuat game!!! (Yah, setidaknya sejak gw mengenal bahwa ada benda di dunia ini yang namanya game.) Dari dulu sebenarnya gw udah berkali-kali mencoba membuat yang bagus dengan teman-teman (kalau game kecil-kecil sih udah pernah, cuma ga pernah dipoles biar cantik >.<). Tapi sayangnya proyek bersama itu selalu gagal, entah karena gwnya males, anggota tim males, gak ada target yang jelas, kurang koordinasi, kurang waktu luang... pokoknya banyak. Biasanya proyeknya dimulai, terus ada rentetan ulangan di sekolah sehingga pembuatan game vakum, lalu vakumnya keterusan sampai selama-lamanya... >.<

Tapi sekarang gw dan banyak teman-teman gw udah banyak berkembang (halah…), sudah bisa lebih baik me-manage waktu, sudah punya banyak kemampuan-kemampuan ajaib yang didapat di universitas, dan sudah (sedikit?) lebih profesional. Jadi ayo kita buat game lagi! Read more »

A Descriptive Paragraph on Mathematics

I found the file of an old work of mine – creating a descriptive paragraph – in my computer. My teacher then said that this was a quality writing (he even asked me for a copy) so I thought it would be great to publish this description about mathematics.

The question is: Describe professionally the value of learning a particular field of study. I didn’t get any idea for subjects other than mathematics, so here is what I wrote: Read more »

Looking for the DBook Plugin?

I looked at my blog statistics and I saw that about 50 visitors came from a Weblog Tools Collection page looking for an ancient WordPress plugin named DBook. That is just for one month. Like I said a looong time ago,

Dbook is a WordPress plugin to show Drupal-like page navigation on your static pages. It can also create hierarchies of ordinary posts, and link between them. DBook is meant to imitate the functionality of Drupal book module.

But the problem is that the WordPress blog is gone (not that it ever really exists for a long time), and the plugin is, I think, gone too from my computer. Anybody having this plugin is welcome to upload the plugin somewhere and put a link here.

I also feared that as the code is a bit old, it is not compatible with the current WordPress version. Because currently I have little interest in developing plugins for WordPress, anybody can take the code and develop / maintain it (an overkill statement as the code is in GPL).

Drupal Gets Pingback!

UPDATE: project now hosted in Thanks Andreas and Dennys!

Good news for bloggers using Drupal: pingback module is here, at last. It is a pingback user agent as specified in Pingback 1.0. I have tested the module in my offline server, but I need real-world tests, so I installed the module in my own site.

Download the pingback module (the files have DOS newlines).

Pingbacks generated by this modules closely resemble the ones that WordPress generate. In fact, I “stole” the code for receiving pingbacks from WordPress. Since WordPress and the module is in GPL it is not really a problem. Read more »

mso2ooo - Batch Convert Microsoft Office Documents to OpenOffice Documents has become more and more suited for replacing Microsoft Office. Sadly, porting lots of Microsoft Office documents to OpenOffice format (aka OpenDocument Format) is not easy. If you have only one, five, or ten files you could just open them one by one and resave in, but how about hundreds or thousands of multi-megabyte documents in a corporate environment?

This little program batch / mass convert Microsoft Office documents (*.doc, *.xls, and .ppt) to their OpenOffice equivalent (.odt, *.ods, and *.odp (aka OpenDocument Format)). The nice thing about this script is that it converts all documents specified in the input, including subdirectories. The result can be put in another directory, and it retains its original directory structure (the script takes care of keeping the relative path). Use it at your own risk! Read more »

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