Skema Sejarah Bahasa Pemrograman

Ada yang bagus nih buat teman-teman programmer sekalian: Chart of Computer Languages History (skema sejarah bahasa pemrograman). Skema ini menunjukkan dari bahasa mana saja suatu bahasa mengambil inspirasi / konsep-konsep pemrograman; dengan kata lain bagan evolusi bahasa pemrograman.

Ada juga versi PDFnya yang berwarna dari O’Reilly (link download langsung), tapi tidak di-update sejak tahun 2004.

Python vs. Ruby, Again

The level of a language has always become an interesting phenomenon. I can see that most young languages tend to “raise” their language level; making it closer to humans (programmers) than to machines. The benefits of a very high level language is of course obvious: programmers code less and become more productive. Most computers todays are fast, and productivity is better than (insignifficant) performance gain in most cases. And up to today… I can see two languages that have top-notch language level: Ruby and Python.

Both Ruby and Python are the most famous all-purpose scripting languages. By all-purpose, I mean it is used to solve diverse and different sets of problems as easy as possible. By scripting, I mean that from coding to execution phase, one does not have to do a compilation phase (at least apparently so). Just from these factors, we can see that all-purpose scripting languages are very high level languages: more closer to natural language than machine language. Read more »

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