A rant about mobile emails

What happens if you push emails to your phone? Initially people will be impressed -- how can you answer my emails so quickly? Then people may start to send more emails to you because you answer them very fast. Then you get more emails compared to the others. Emails pop in any time during the day -- all emails, whether important or not. You check email in real time almost religiously. Your first-line channel becomes second line.

For the better or worse, the rise of smartphones and consumers willing to spend a few more dollars every month (for a data plan) have made checking emails, Facebook, Twitter etc. as easy as answering a call or reading text messages. Sure, updating Facebook or Twitter every time you are queuing for food can be fun. Also, having email access in my hands every time has surely saved me numerous trips to the library. But getting Facebook notification pushed to your phone? Getting a notification for every email that came in right away? I personally think it's too much. Read more »

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