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Motivations and CS3216

Don't you think that motivation is such a curiosity? Initially they all float around your head, trying to be heard by the prime consciousness -- I'm fun! I can make you smarter! I can give you loads of money! I can get you a girl! Only when we are asked by people or write it down will they be forever etched, "chosen" as The True Reason of doing things. The weight of each motivation is however never set in stone and might not even be realized by our consciousness.

So let me guide you around the voices that tell me to read CS3216 this semester, without the weights of course :) (I was asked to write this post as a requirement for CS3216. That's (one of) the motivation to write this post!) Read more »

What A Game Can Tell You About The World

I have been playing Civilization IV for quite some time, and so far it is one of the best games I have ever played. Its deep gameplay is based on how civilizations survive, so strategies employed for the game, common reoccuring scenarios, and AI behaviours somewhat represent how governments of the world behave.

Size matters

A nation with larger territory usually wins over the smaller ones---but only if it is managed well. The more cities you have, the greater the cost for maintenance. However, more cities mean: Read more »

  • more productivity, and productivity usually means everything: troops, buildings, or MONEY. So you can have bigger military force, boost education and research, or turn one city to a money-making machine to make up the cost for other cities.
  • more population, so you can have political advantage and force the UN to agree with you on everything.
  • more (natural) resources, so you can have competitive edge on trade or making citizens happy. The Arabian oil is a prominent example. If only the Middle East is one country...

Drug of the Day!

So I've been enjoying myself in this vacation time, yay! :) Besides playing games and simply have fun, I still have quite a few "serious" plans to keep myself productive, so boredom won't come. My to-do-on-vacation list still had quite a few items, and in this atmosphere it's not going to deplete very soon ;)

Okay, back to the topic. I feel that I have not contributed that much into my major (well, my to-do list has nothing to do with pharmacy), so in this spare time I made the Drug of the Day page.

What this page does is that it redirects you to the Wikipedia page of one of the best money-making drugs in the world. Each day it will redirect you to different drug, so bookmark and you can study about one new popular drug everyday. For example, at the time of this writing, the drug of the day is valsartan (marketed under Diovan by Novartis), an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. Of course I haven't really learnt that much about drugs, but wikipedia pages are very nice for learning something new. Read more »

The Curious Case of David Widjaja

This case of David Widjaja Hartanto is driving me crazy. This whole week I have been in constant barrage of information and request for comments from friends and even family about this case. Wow.

This loss of life must be shocking and we, people who share common bond with David albeit weak and small, share our deepest condolences for David's family.

Today I received an email containing a letter which supposedly was written by Klemens A., David's friend. Seems that this letter (in Indonesian) has fallen into many hands so I won't post it here. I will translate portions of this letter that fascinate me most, and have my say.

My subjective opinion and recent development are also added.

Note: I am an NUS student with Indonesia nationality. So bias is inevitable. Also note the disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

About the slit in the wrist

From the letter: Read more »

Aaaargh! Tagged!

No! Ritchie caught me in this meme! Read more »

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