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How to connect your blog with Google Buzz

Want your blog updates to appear automatically in Google Buzz? Here are the easy steps to do that: Read more »

  1. Go to your profile at Scroll down to "Links" section and add your blog URL and name there.
  2. Your blog will appear at the "My links" section. Click edit, tick "This is a profile page about me." and then click "Done".
  3. Now go to your blog and do either one of these:
    • Make a link to your Google profile on your blog, with rel="me" inside the </code><a> tag. For example: </a><code><a href="">My Google profile</a>. (In Wordpress, you can also tick "another web address of mine" in XFN section when you add a link to simulate the rel="me" part.)
    • Alternatively (for more advanced users), you may put this HTML on the of your blog:

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