Do you have what it takes to do GSoC?

Recently I wrote a piece of advice for a mailing list regarding applying to Google Summer of Code because I was a little bit annoyed by the freshmen / first years spamming the list wondering whether they were competent enough to apply. It would be nice if I can share it to the world as well, so here it goes. I copied the post here almost verbatim so keep in mind that I was actually talking to freshmen.

It is really encouraging to see how many people are really interested in doing GSoC, but before publishing your skills or lack thereof to the list, please do a reality check: do you really know what it takes to do an open source project? Read more »

Google Summer of Code 2010!

The Google Summer of Code program is a way for Google to contribute to the open source community by funneling student man hours during (the so-called American) summer break. It grants to students 5000 USD (wow) of stipend upon completion of the program in exchange of doing an open source project (and motivating you to stay contributing after GSoC ends of course!). Needless to say, I am accepted as one of the students for GSoC :)

I will be working on creating a round-trip converter for and so both websites can share pathway data to and from each other. It sounds simple (well it usually is in computing) but in practice the two websites use quite radically different XML formats. Nevertheless I am really glad to be able to work on a programming project that is also related to my major. Intersection of interests to the fullest. Read more »

How to connect your blog with Google Buzz

Want your blog updates to appear automatically in Google Buzz? Here are the easy steps to do that: Read more »

  1. Go to your profile at Scroll down to "Links" section and add your blog URL and name there.
  2. Your blog will appear at the "My links" section. Click edit, tick "This is a profile page about me." and then click "Done".
  3. Now go to your blog and do either one of these:
    • Make a link to your Google profile on your blog, with rel="me" inside the </code><a> tag. For example: </a><code><a href="">My Google profile</a>. (In Wordpress, you can also tick "another web address of mine" in XFN section when you add a link to simulate the rel="me" part.)
    • Alternatively (for more advanced users), you may put this HTML on the of your blog:

What a Bad Month for Blogging!

In the last month things were going against this blog. The readership of Leap On! dropped significantly from about 2000 visits a month to only 1100 or so visits a month, which was a huge 40 – 50% drop!

Looking into the statistics, I found out that the real culprit was Google: the search engine cut the traffic to about a third of its usual level. Add to the fact that Google search comprised a huge portion of traffic to my blog (about 50%). Seeing the graph gave me the impression of drilling down a hill… oooh T.T

The graph for traffic from Google over the last month (which was April 2008) Read more »

Google App Engine: Web Hosting Gratis dari Google

Yup, judul di atas tidak salah. Melalui Google App Engine, Google menawarkan bandwidth, database, dan penyimpanan file secara gratis. Layanan tersebut masih berupa preview, sehingga tidak semua orang dapat mencicipinya sekarang – saya juga masih menunggu dibuatkan account oleh Google.

Website Anda akan menggunakan server performa tinggi milik Google sehingga tidak perlu lagi susah-susah membayar hosting lagi jika website Anda tidak melebihi batas, yaitu disk space sebesar 500 MB dan “bandwidth yang cukup untuk 5 juta pageview (tampilan halaman) per bulan” (angka matinya 10GB). Kebutuhan bandwidth atau space tambahan dapat dibeli dari Google (walaupun dalam edisi preview, hal ini belum bisa dilakukan). Jumlah ini SANGAT BANYAK untuk web hosting gratis. Sebagai perbandingan, blog ini hanya menggunakan space sekitar 40 MB dan bandwidth tidak sampai 1 GB per bulan.

Website yang dibuat dengan layanan ini dapat menggunakan nama domain sendiri seperti, atau dapat menggunakan subdomain gratis di bawah (misalnya Read more »

I Wish Every Employer Is Like Google

Stolen from The Cherry Avenue!

Google has been known for a long time as the best place in the world to work. They offer free massages, gourmet meals, and professional haircuts at their beautiful campus in California. That right there puts them above 99.99% of the other companies in the world. At any rate, you already knew all that so lets move on.

Have you ever wondered how much a Google employee makes? Well this data isn’t extremely easy to find, if you don’t believe me just search Google. However, here is some interesting statistics.
Google Programmer in Phoenix – $174,000/year
Google Programmer in California – $197,000/year
Google Programmer in Chicago – $222,000/year
Google Programmer in New York – $242,000/year
(according to

...and thats just in salary. What other financial benefits does Google offer it’s employees? Read more »

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