The Domain Name Changed Once Again!

The blog has moved to I thought the new name is easier to remember and pretty short.

The very reason about using this great free subdomain from Free DNS service is the kindness (whoa!) of the owner, Joshua Anderson. The service actually prevented Google to access almost every site (to prevent SEO abuse and spam), and he let this particular domain name to be accessed by Google. I personally can’t live a site without Google :p Thanks again!

The old domain name has been configured to redirect users to this domain so there won’t be any dead links for now, but for those (few) who have linked to should update their links.

Now that I have this domain name permanently, I will actually promote the website… Subdomains Don't Work for Google!

I like the service at It provides free nameserver and subdomain management. But being able to have some free subdomains with full DNS control is what makes the best! There are loads of domains you can have as the superdomain of your subdomain (here comes the full list).

But what I really, really hate about the service right now is that it doesn’t really work for some (few) clients. Why? No idea. And which client that I need to cater very much, yet unable to resolve my free subdomain name? Google. Yup, that Google.

I don’t care if one or two or even ten people in some distant nation cannot access my site, but if Google cannot, a whole lot of traffic source will be missing. And how do I know that Google cannot access my site? Check with its own tools. It tells me “HTTP Error: Domain Name Not Found”. Read more »

Domain Name Change -

I have moved my website from to (those domains are free, by the way). The primary reason is that Google cannot access my website. Yes, it is true – it seems to have something to do about free DNS service, because from my uptime statistics, some servers failed to look up for the domain! Google also reported that it cannot get to the website in its Google Sitemap control panel (or whatever it is named :p).

This is very weird, because from what I have ever known, the structure of DNS makes the system possible to deal with heavy load. Also a DNS lookup everywhere in the world should give a precise and predetermined value (with the exception of when a DNS record change and one must wait for the change to propagate and invalidate the cache of other servers). Read more »

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