How Drupal Will Save The World

For almost a year now, I have been gestating an idea about Drupal fitting into a larger world view. As part of the development community, our focus is making Drupal as flexible as possible in order to meet our own needs and those of our clients. In this process, we put into place most of the pieces that position Drupal as a solid, free, easy-to-use website-building application for the rest of the world. This is the first draft of my thoughts, which will grow and evolve as people within and outside the Drupal community contribute their feedback. Thanks in advance for your comments and input.

An inspiring article for any Drupal enthusiasts ;) Read the full article.

Salvation for Textile Drupal Module!

The last version of PHP seems to break the current Textile module for Drupal. I also experienced the bug – OLs and LIs suddenly doesn’t work as expected, and later I also discovered that one of my page also suffer from the blank page bug . Dreamhost issue (also this one which is basically the same) and the bug I experienced, apparently have the same root of evil: the core Textile module.

I don’t really think that TextilePHP, the code base this module is using is maintained anymore. Instead, the Textile implementation of Treshold State seems to be much better (if it is maintained at all). I tweaked around a bit to integrate it to textile.module (throwing out the original TextilePHP), tested it, and boom – bugs went nowhere! Hooray! Read more »

A Pingback Implementation for Drupal Under Development

In order to enhance the power of Drupal as a blogging platform, I have planned on creating a pingback 1.0 implementation. This can be a great alternative to the current Trackback module for Drupal. There have been great chattering about how Trackback and Pingback compared to each other, and I must say that pingback is the better tool for the job.

I planned to finish it by next week; most of the function are already available but the display and user interface have not been finished. I also attached this development version which is superbly messy but can receive and deliver pingbacks (note: I think you need the Development module just to shut it up from errors). Stay tuned for the release! Read more »

Ip2Nation for Drupal

This Ip2Nation module provides an API to access ip2nation database in Drupal. Actually, there is a module called ip2cc which does the same thing, but it exposes another Ip-to-Country database. Ip2nation database is better because it is optimized for queries (and so smaller and faster to use), so I made this module.

Another feature in this module is commenter’s information. You can show from which country a comment in your website is from. This is nice especially for social websites that have lots of users all around the world, or for personal blogs. Of course you can turn off this feature at will (it is, by default). If you know HTML you can put up country flags in the comments, too. Read more »

Kanisius.edu Akan Menggunakan Drupal

Website sekolah saya, Kanisius, akan mulai dibuat kembali menggunakan Drupal. Sebelum ini… websitenya memang ada, tetapi karena tidak di-maintain, makanya kami berusaha membuat kembali website tersebut. O iya, website ini semuanya dibuat oleh siswa sendiri lho, tidak ada campur tangan profesional! (bahkan guru pun hanya membimbing dan memfasilitasi) Tentu saja saya juga salah satu anggota “tim sukses kanisius.edu”, kalau tidak saya tidak berhak menulis ini kan hehe… Read more »

Disabling the Javascript in Drupal Comment Forms

In Drupal, forms have nice little features which slide up and down some areas and make textareas resizable. The example is in the search page, where the “advanced search” field slides down when you click on it. It is a nice feature, especially in administration pages where forms tend to get very long. And it is tightly integrated to Drupal so you don’t need to waste some precious time implementing it. Read more »

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