Should scientists share ideas?

Yes. Probably.

In the last CS3216 lecture, Darren mentioned that it is probably best for scientists to not share their ideas in the open because things like publication is very important to boost up reputation and by extension grants and salary. As a class overall, it was agreed upon that sharing ideas is generally better than not sharing, because people generally are busy with other things as you are busy with your things. Read more »

Motivations and CS3216

Don't you think that motivation is such a curiosity? Initially they all float around your head, trying to be heard by the prime consciousness -- I'm fun! I can make you smarter! I can give you loads of money! I can get you a girl! Only when we are asked by people or write it down will they be forever etched, "chosen" as The True Reason of doing things. The weight of each motivation is however never set in stone and might not even be realized by our consciousness.

So let me guide you around the voices that tell me to read CS3216 this semester, without the weights of course :) (I was asked to write this post as a requirement for CS3216. That's (one of) the motivation to write this post!) Read more »

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