Want to Crash Internet Explorer?

There are two scripts that can be used to prove that Internet Explorer 6 is the worst browser on earth: One is the document.write bug, and the other one is recently posted in Digg (I don’t think it deserves the Digg as there has already been another way to crash IE). Obviously these scripts do not crash IE 7 nor other browsers like Firefox and Opera.

This can certainly be used as a “black campaign” to promote the use of other browsers like Firefox (just let people know that IE is so unstable that they need a switch, and we now have a very good concrete example of it). Personally I hate looking down upon products, but IE deserves it :-/

Browser Reports Giving Browser Statistics

Browser Reports [EDIT: offline as of 21 Apr 2008] has a nice statistics about browser popularity. Of course they aren’t 100% accurate but the browser ranks (i.e. first IE, second Firefox and so on) are correct. When you visited the site, your current browser will also be recorded.

A Firefox Survey You Can Participate

There’s an interesting survey about Firefox and browsers in general that you can take part in. It is part of a Master thesis. It has nice questions and covers most a Firefox enthusiasts would ask. Go on and take the survey!

PS: The website has nice Javascript animation and layout!

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