A seven weeks retrospective

Time to reflect on the peer-review. The comments from my friends were quite interesting, and it's always a good thing to know your own weakness. Just working on a 3-week project can reveal your personality so much.

I won't discuss conflicting opinions though (I was considered both "hardcore programmer" and "not a hardcore programmer" haha).

  • Smile more: I do this when counselling patients, and it is tiring. It just makes me want to curl up in my bed at the end of the day. So, I tried to relax a bit and it came through. I guess what they say about "introverts expend energy when interacting with people" are true. (Someone said I was a tad quiet compared to what I appeared to be in the show-and-tell, that might be because then I was in the sales/counselling mode.)
  • Bad presentation skills: yes, I know that I am not really good at presenting. Nothing much I can do about it besides trying my best next time...
  • Conventional thinking: this makes me think that I have become more "conventional" in the recent years since joining NUS. I blame it to my major which emphasizes best practices and safety above all else -- you can't help it if things you do wrong will hurt people. Education shapes personality and opinion, yeah. Definitely.

That's about it for the bad things. The good things are not worthy of discussion though, and it feels awkward to talk about what is good about yourself... unless it's an interview or writing resume.

Having passed half of this module, I like it a lot. It makes my life this semester abundantly more colourful. For the CS people, this might be yet another project-based module, but for me this is about the only project-based module I can find during this 3+ years of study in NUS. There are also bits and bites of non-technical stuff that are inspiring, like the talk by [insert honorifics here] Milton by VSee.

And I made new friends -- smart people that click on the first few exchange of words. People that reorient the hacker in me that has been suppressed in the past 3 years. (That sounds very cheesy. Yuck.) Now I might have the energy to continue some of my pet projects again and make it big. Haha. (hint hint)

I can't wait to see how the story unfolds itself for the coming few weeks!


Making the most of your unique talents.

People that reorient the hacker in me that has been suppressed in the past 3 years.

There are not many drug-dealing programmers. I think that the greatest work is often done when someone is able to bring together two disparate disciplines. I hope you will see how you can figure how to do something that capitalizes on both your programming skills and pharmacy knowledge. :-)

I sincerely hope so, Prof.

I sincerely hope so, Prof. Ben. But up till now it has been a futile attempt to combine these 2 fields. I'm sure I will find it someday. When the time comes :)

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