Pitching session and some interesting people

An unproductive day. Let's make it less unproductive.

Last Monday's CS3216 pitching session was graced by a lot of interesting people.

  • Dr. Dana Elliott Srither, a medical doctor who had done cool stuff with geolocation and AED (automated external defibrillator). He spearheaded the creation of an app that lets people locate AED locations around the vicinity, game mechanics thrown in for good measure. I have doubts about the feasibility of the (new game/app) idea however, but the kinks should be able to be fixed given enough thought hours.
  • Gary Yong, which I think wasn't much of a good presenter but nonetheless has associated himself with financial matters. Not that I think candlestick works though -- 2 is a laughably small sample size and can never support any premise. A full-blown game for teaching candlesticks is just wrong -- the concepts are easily explained by a few slides...
  • Not presenting but I chanced upon Ryan Teo who co-founded Medboxs / MedF1 (I'm not sure which is the current name?). A business very close to my other home. Yumm.
  • A couple of students from business who sneaked into the pitching session and said that they have a very secret project that they could not reveal before I pass certain "interview". Was busy connecting with people so we deferred the "interview" sometime later. Never a bad idea to seize opportunities though, so I just play along. (I suspect they'll demand an NDA signing sometime.. sheesh)
  • And of course, first (physical) meeting with my group mates for the mobile-cloud assignment.

Another note about Dr. Dana's ideas -- seeing my classmates' blog posts, a lot of them are interested in it, citing reasons such as "this is a noble cause" or "it can save lives". While I concur, I have also met lots of other people that has "noble cause" and can "save lives"... what I'm saying is, AED saves lives only in developed / affluent countries where cardiovascular events champion causes of death. We can save tenfold or hundredfold more lives by, for example, optimizing provision of clean water in rural areas, giving free immunizations + the relevant education, reducing on-the-road accidents, proper nutrition support for newborns etc in developing countries. (They're all already done very neatly in Singapore by the government of course). Add to the fact that Dr. Dana actually sells AEDs... I still think the idea is still worthwhile to implement, it's just that I can't help being sceptical here.

Now I know how to optimize experience gain in conferences, batch presentations, poster sessions etc. When people present, think "Do I want to have a chat with this person later", not "The presentation is boring I might better off sleeping".

All in all, it was probably one of the most enriching lecture (or lecture-like session) in CS3216 up until now. Not only content-wise but also network-opportunity-wise.

That's all for today. Time to study rheumatoid arthritis... or not.


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