New Domain Name -!

After much consideration, the blog finally moved from to Big cheers to myself :)


Choosing a domain name is hard task, especially because most great names were already taken by somebody else. For example, I cannot buy because it is owned by another person (ugh! I want that one!). Buying the name from the person would be very expensive, so I had to come out with an original name. (Not so original – In fact, is already registered! Thank God they don’t take the .net along when they were registering the .com.)

The second reason is that leapon is an anagram of “Leon A. P.”. I like anagrams :D

Leap On also has quite a meaning that I like. Probably it is not a grammatically correct English construct, but it refers to something high and powerful. It exudes optimistic thinking. I hope that we all can always be optimistic in our life!

h2. Because There Are Skies Above and Below The Sky

I also wanted to note on the new site slogan. (hey, this one’s original!) It means that how great or how little you are, there are always greater people than you, and there are always lesser people than you. So in every circumstances, one must not be too proud, for there are talents better than you; nor that you must feel too inferior, for there are talents worse than you. Keep moving forward, never let any success delude you or any failures deter you! ;)


I would like to thank Ezyrewards for its wonderful free domain name scheme, so that I can get for free (and secure for three years away). Thanks to it because the points actually pay out to reality.

While completely unrelated to the domain change, the server for the website is moved to Frihost, a free hosting service – yep, I looove free stuff!!! ;)

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free domian.

salut plz give my free domian .com

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