Drupal Gets Pingback!

UPDATE: project now hosted in drupal.org. Thanks Andreas and Dennys!

Good news for bloggers using Drupal: pingback module is here, at last. It is a pingback user agent as specified in Pingback 1.0. I have tested the module in my offline server, but I need real-world tests, so I installed the module in my own site.

Download the pingback module (the files have DOS newlines).

Pingbacks generated by this modules closely resemble the ones that WordPress generate. In fact, I “stole” the code for receiving pingbacks from WordPress. Since WordPress and the module is in GPL it is not really a problem.

Unlike the trackback module for Drupal, this module register pingbacks as comments, because this is the fastest and the easiest to implement. I don’t think it may change in the future (i.e. follows what trackback does, having its own administration page, node display hooks etc) as I am too lazy to do that… It does have some drawbacks though, mainly that anonymous users have to be able to post comments (which is not a problem for blogs, I am certain!).

If you like to contribute to the module…

  • please post your suggestions and bug reports here :)
  • if you managed to install the module on your own website, please pingback this page for testing (I would also like to know if anybody uses it…).
  • act as a maintainer and put this module on drupal.org, because I can’t maintain the module for a long time (at least while I’m still using it, I will upgrade the module and fix the bugs when necessary but who knows how long…)
  • there is no Paypal account to donate to :(
pingback-5.x-dev.zip14.32 KB



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