Drupal Gets Pingback!

UPDATE: project now hosted in drupal.org. Thanks Andreas and Dennys!

Good news for bloggers using Drupal: pingback module is here, at last. It is a pingback user agent as specified in Pingback 1.0. I have tested the module in my offline server, but I need real-world tests, so I installed the module in my own site.

Download the pingback module (the files have DOS newlines).

Pingbacks generated by this modules closely resemble the ones that WordPress generate. In fact, I “stole” the code for receiving pingbacks from WordPress. Since WordPress and the module is in GPL it is not really a problem.

Unlike the trackback module for Drupal, this module register pingbacks as comments, because this is the fastest and the easiest to implement. I don’t think it may change in the future (i.e. follows what trackback does, having its own administration page, node display hooks etc) as I am too lazy to do that… It does have some drawbacks though, mainly that anonymous users have to be able to post comments (which is not a problem for blogs, I am certain!).

If you like to contribute to the module…

  • please post your suggestions and bug reports here :)
  • if you managed to install the module on your own website, please pingback this page for testing (I would also like to know if anybody uses it…).
  • act as a maintainer and put this module on drupal.org, because I can’t maintain the module for a long time (at least while I’m still using it, I will upgrade the module and fix the bugs when necessary but who knows how long…)
  • there is no Paypal account to donate to :(
pingback-5.x-dev.zip14.32 KB


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Hi, we have recorded a.


we have recorded a screencast about the Pingback module. (We also pinged this page, but our ping shows only the link, so it is not so recognizable.) We hope this helps understanding how the module works for newbies.

Wow, thanks for the.

Wow, thanks for the screencast! Unfortunately I am short of high-speed internet access so I have not watched it... Great work anyway!

You can watch it on Blip.tv.

You can watch it on Blip.tv in lower quality:

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Pingback from Comments?

Can you go for Pingbacks out of comments? This would be a Spammer Tool, I think. Lets see: http://durstich.de/users/christopher/blog/pingback Thx for the module and the Test site.


No. Okay, good to know.

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Thanks, good to know.

Thanks, good to know.

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