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So I've been enjoying myself in this vacation time, yay! :) Besides playing games and simply have fun, I still have quite a few "serious" plans to keep myself productive, so boredom won't come. My to-do-on-vacation list still had quite a few items, and in this atmosphere it's not going to deplete very soon ;)

Okay, back to the topic. I feel that I have not contributed that much into my major (well, my to-do list has nothing to do with pharmacy), so in this spare time I made the Drug of the Day page.

What this page does is that it redirects you to the Wikipedia page of one of the best money-making drugs in the world. Each day it will redirect you to different drug, so bookmark http://leapon.net/dotd.php and you can study about one new popular drug everyday. For example, at the time of this writing, the drug of the day is valsartan (marketed under Diovan by Novartis), an angiotensin II receptor antagonist. Of course I haven't really learnt that much about drugs, but wikipedia pages are very nice for learning something new.

Technical notes:

  • The timezone used for the day calculation is for Singapore (+0800 SGT).
  • Drug list is courtesy of drugs.com (my previous plan was to generate the list from WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines, but it turned out to be rather complicated for such a simple purpose).
  • The resulting script is nothing fancy in particular. See the source. (dotd-source.php is a one-liner <?php highlight_file(dirname(__FILE__) . '/dotd.php'); ?>)

Visiting the page probably takes much less than your facebook time, and you improve yourself bit by bit everyday! (Theoretically, you will be familiar with all the drugs in the list in less than a year, as there are less than 365 drugs in the list. Head start drug memorising!)


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