The Domain Name Changed Once Again!

The blog has moved to I thought the new name is easier to remember and pretty short.

The very reason about using this great free subdomain from Free DNS service is the kindness (whoa!) of the owner, Joshua Anderson. The service actually prevented Google to access almost every site (to prevent SEO abuse and spam), and he let this particular domain name to be accessed by Google. I personally can’t live a site without Google :p Thanks again!

The old domain name has been configured to redirect users to this domain so there won’t be any dead links for now, but for those (few) who have linked to should update their links.

Now that I have this domain name permanently, I will actually promote the website…


Buy facebook fans.

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you can run it yourself.

If you need full control on DNS, consider running the DNS yourself, and replicate it via any of the free secondary DNS services. You don't even need to expose your primary. With BuddyNS the published servers even feel like under your immediate control.


はない(元の近視・遠視・乱視などの度数が相当強MARC JACOBS 腕時計 MBM3078 レディースい場合や、左右の度数差が概ね2.0D以上ある不同視の場合も同様である)。遠距離用補正レンズ(台玉)の中に、小玉と呼ばれるより近距離用の度数の窓を作ったレンズ。

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