Terima kasih SS Karena Telah Mengantar Saya ke Farmasi di NUS

Sebenarnya udah basi ini berita, tapi bolehlah gw tulis di sini, setelah sebegitu lamanya blog ini tidak di-update…

Jadi ceritanya gw kan nungguin hasil Singapore Scholarship / SS. Karena pengumumannya selalu ditunda berhari-hari gw jadi stres juga, nanya-nanya Arie (dan ditanya-tanyain Davin) kalau-kalau ada berita tentang SS. Nah pada hari Jumat dua minggu yang lalu, gw jalan-jalan ke Artha Gading (jarang-jarang lo, jauh sih). Nah setelah selesai makan siang…

Ada telepon. Dari “Ignatius Sunrise” (tempat les A-level gw). Wah apaan nih, gw pikir. Ternyata… gw dapet SS!!! SS… SS… Read more »

Windows Vista and Ubuntu 8.04: First Looks

The real world has been pretty hectic lately so I was forced to postpone blogging, but hey, now I’m back! It feels good to have a leisure time again. Anyway, I got a new Toshiba laptop (the first one actually) – not really powerful but very much usable for work and fun. The purchase includes a Windows Vista Home Professional (or Premium? I don’t really bother reading it >.<) – an OS I’ve never tinkered with. Read more »

Indonesian Presidential Lecture: A Quick Review

I have just watched this lecture from the local TV. The speakers were the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (henceforth SBY).

SBY did not particularly said lots of things, he was mainly concerned about how technology can help Indonesia to face the current trend of globalization. There was really nothing much to know.

Mr. Gates then talked about the massive growth of IT technology with reference to the Moore's Law (which says that processor capabilities doubles every set amount of years). Then he advertised the current Microsoft research focus such as Microsoft Surface (if I am not mistaken, it enables mobile devices to talk to tables that they are over them and synchronize everything without intervention). Gates also previewed another Microsoft plaything on astronomy which looks very much like Google Earth but it is for the outer space, not for the Earth. Furthermore, he mentioned how IT boosts a lot of other sectors important to humans such as medicine. MIT OpenCourseWare were also given as an example of the profound effects of the internet (although the name was not mentioned explicitly). Read more »

What a Bad Month for Blogging!

In the last month things were going against this blog. The readership of Leap On! dropped significantly from about 2000 visits a month to only 1100 or so visits a month, which was a huge 40 – 50% drop!

Looking into the statistics, I found out that the real culprit was Google: the search engine cut the traffic to about a third of its usual level. Add to the fact that Google search comprised a huge portion of traffic to my blog (about 50%). Seeing the graph gave me the impression of drilling down a hill… oooh T.T

The graph for traffic from Google over the last month (which was April 2008) Read more »

Ikutlah INAICTA 2008

Indonesia ICT Award, atau INAICTA, adalah bentuk penghargaan terhadap inovasi-inovasi yang dilakukan oleh bangsa Indonesia dalam bidang teknologi informasi dan komunikasi (TIK). Saya adalah salah satu pemenang dari INAICTA 2007 (tahun lalu) kategori Student Project.

Lomba Apaan Sih?

Lomba-lomba yang berhubungan dengan komputer, mulai dari OSP, OSN, sampai olimpiade internasional (IOI) semuanya mengadu kecerdasan dalam bidang problem solving dengan implementasinya menggunakan pemrograman. Tentu saja hal ini tidak salah sama sekali, bahkan sangat baik karena dengan mempelajari algoritma kita mempelajari cara berpikir sistematis dan logis.

Tetapi, dalam bidang informatika, algoritma hanyalah salah satu dari sekian banyak faktor yang diperlukan. Ada teknik pembuatan software, penguasaan API, design pattern, dan lain-lain. Nah, dengan faktor-faktor yang lain itulah baru kita dapat membangun sebuah program yang benar-benar digunakan oleh masyarakat. Mau maju sampai mana Indonesia kalau generasi mudanya cuma bisa membuat program dalam Pascal, command line pula? (Jangan pakai VB ya, berbahaya.) Read more »

World's Youngest College Professor

OMG, and she learned materials science and engineering too!

Perhaps in Alia Sabur’s wildly advanced studies she came across a famous quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“Knowing is not enough. We must apply,” the German writer once observed.

That could serve as explanation for what prompted the 19-year-old to become the youngest college professor in history.

Armed with prodigious wisdom, Sabur told TODAY’s Ann Curry on Wednesday that knowledge is power — especially when sharing it.

“I really enjoy teaching,” said Sabur. “It’s something where you can make a difference. It’s not just what you can do, but you can enable a lot of other people to make their changes.”

Sabur, from Northport, N.Y., has clearly been ahead of the learning curve since an early age.

She started talking and reading when she was just 8 months old. She had elementary school finished at age 5.

She made the jump to college at age 10. And by age 14, Sabur was earning a bachelor’s of science degree in applied mathematics summa cum laude from Stony Brook University — the youngest female in U.S. history to do so. Read more »

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