Who Has the Oil?

Who Has the Oil?: amount of oil reserves countries have.

World map of oil reserves and consumption. Scaled to the amount of oil reserves countries have.

It is pretty sad actually that some controversial international policies revolve around the greed for oil…

I Say Why Life Does Exist

I put this in a forum, but I thought that I would like to share this to you all so…

Suppose that a species so much more intelligent than humans has an ability to create a universe and everything inside it, and s/he (our God) has the ability to view everything inside the universe. This makes sense because the universe can be only a computer simulation (like The Sims). God created our universe for a purpose, possibly for a research, for a student project, or just for fun. Read more »

Sinking Currency, Sinking Country

From Yahoo! News opinion.

The euro, worth 83 cents in the early George W. Bush years, is at $1.45.

The British pound is back up over $2, the highest level since the Carter era. The Canadian dollar, which used to be worth 65 cents, is worth more than the U.S. dollar for the first time in half a century.

Oil is over $90 a barrel. Gold, down to $260 an ounce not so long ago, has hit $800.

Have gold, silver, oil, the euro, the pound and the Canadian dollar all suddenly soared in value in just a few years?

Nope. The dollar has plummeted in value, more so in Bush’s term than during any comparable period of U.S. history. Indeed, Bush is presiding over a worldwide abandonment of the American dollar.

Is it all Bush’s fault? Nope.

The dollar is plunging because America has been living beyond her means, borrowing $2 billion a day from foreign nations to maintain her standard of living and to sustain the American Imperium. Read more »

Bangsa yang Besar, Punya Budaya yang Besar

Bangsa Eropa dan Amerika, karena kemajuannya dalam bidang ekonomi dan ilmu pengetahuan, adalah bangsa yang besar. Akibatnya budaya mereka merebak luas di seluruh dunia. Kita berjabat tangan (tidak membungkuk atau menyembah), makan dengan sendok dan garpu (tidak dengan sumpit atau tangan), memakai jas serta celana jeans (bukan pakaian tradisional). Kita menonton film Hollywood, mendengarkan musik mereka, mengikuti tren mode mereka, belajar di negeri mereka, menggunakan bahasa mereka. Semua itu menunjukkan bahwa budaya Eropa dan Amerika begitu besar.

Bangsa Jepang juga begitu. Anak muda jaman sekarang (saya juga lho) tidak ada yang tidak mengenal budaya Jepang. Ninja, samurai, sushi, musang berekor sembilan, Laruku, manga, anime, Final Fantasy… bahkan orang Eropa dan Amerika juga suka itu. Padahal Jepang pernah menjajah kita seumur jagung.

Bangsa Korea dan Cina sedang bergulat memperkuat budayanya. Korea punya senjata ampuh yaitu perfilman yang secara tidak langsung mengenalkan budaya Korea, setidaknya dalam pasar Asia. Cina sebentar lagi akan membangun apa yang dinamakan Pusat Confusius di berbagai negara di dunia sebagai pusat kebudayaan Cina. Read more »

Akhirnya, cccup2008.com

Akhirnya website CC Cup 2008 yang sebenarnya sudah bisa diakses. Sebelumnya ada sedikit masalah dengan nameserver, sehingga baru jadi sekarang.

Website sementara yang terdahulu sudah di-redirect ke sana.

How to Boost Your Brain Power

Taken from Lifehack.

Have you ever noticed that some people effortlessly learn new concepts and materials while others struggle? Napoleon Bonaparte learned the names of thousands of his loyal soldiers. World champion chess players can replay games in their mind from years ago. I have often wondered how these intellectual marvels have accomplished such great feats.

Some were born with extraordinarily high IQ’s, but certainly not all.

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that will help you to learn faster, study better, and begin absorbing information like a sponge.

Here are 7 tips to get you started. Read more »

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