Buying A Real Domain Name, Help Me Choose!

This blog grows larger and larger, but there's a catch: the domain is a free subdomain on domain. That means the owner of can piss me off everytime he/she wishes to. So to remedy the situation, I need to buy a real domain name (you know, like or I know how domains work because I bought one for a school project (not with my money). The problem is that I don't know what to buy!

My full name is Leontius Adhika Pradhana, usually called Leon, but leon.[com|net|org] is obviously taken. I also don't have a nickname I guard with pride. is available (I prefer .net to .com), but it sounds clunky and weird. I considered, but that's too long, and is already taken (what the!?!).

A neat trick with domain names is to use anagrams of your name. So I have (from Leon),, (from Leon AP .net), (already taken), (from Leontius), Some of my more-obsessive-on-computer-than-me friends also use the anagram trick (don't think I don't get it baby).

Which one do you think is better? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Get A Piece of Cake Now, and Smile to The World

Really. That helps a lot (but don’t overeat, please).

Today is a revelational day for me. This morning I received a letter (the electronic one) from Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen concerning my Pingback module. The motivation of the writing is that the current maintainer of Pingback module who is not me because I am a slacker does not seem to maintain a faithful interest in the module. Therefore, he proposed himself to replace the role of Dennys the maintainer. Actually Andreas had shown a good interest in the module by submitting issues and proposing a patch to upgrade the module for Drupal 6.0, so I gladly accepted his offer.

Later in the day, Suryanto Rachmat posted a comment in my blog asking my permission to maintain another of my Drupal module. I’ve never met this person but he obviously has an identical nationality to me (Indonesia) and he uses Drupal and my Pingback module. I told him that he will be able to do it if he is responsible for the maintenance work. I don’t know which two devils hit me today. Read more »

Tutorial Kilat Menggunakan Version Control System dengan TortoiseSVN

  • Untuk pekerjaan kantor/sekolah/organisasi, saya sering terpaksa membuat file-file yang “serupa tapi tak sama”, seperti “Data Penjualan 2008.xls”, “Data Penjualan 2008 revisi.xls”, “Data Penjualan 2008 dengan revisi dari Anton.xls”, “Data Penjualan 2008 FINAL.xls”, “Data Penjualan 2008 FINAL 2.xls”, dan seterusnya. Saya pusing sekali dengan penamaan yang amburadul seperti ini, tidak adakah cara lain untuk mengatur versi-versi dari dokumen ini?
  • Bagaimana puluhan atau ratusan developer untuk sebuah proyek open source (yang kebanyakan tidak pernah bertemu muka di dunia nyata) bisa berkolaborasi untuk mengerjakan satu program komputer tanpa ada konflik satu sama lain?
  • Saya pernah mengepalai pembuatan sebuah proyek seperti booklet perusahaan atau yearbook sekolah yang melibatkan banyak orang. Karena saya kurang cakap dalam mengatur pekerjaan (banyak orang seperti ini lho) atau bawahan saya bodoh (lebih banyak lagi orang seperti ini), beberapa orang melakukan modifikasi pada satu file yang sama. Akhirnya banyak waktu terbuang karena modifikasi harus disatukan kembali. Bagaimana saya bisa menghalangi hal ini agar tidak terjadi lagi?

Jawaban dari pertanyaan-pertanyaan di atas adalah: Version Control System, atau biasa disingkat VCS (ada juga yang menyebutnya Source Code Management (SCM) sih). Read more »

Fractals, the Splendor of Mathematics

'White Swords'

Some people though that mathematics is fun, challenging, or brain-tearing, but how about beautiful?

Some of you may have already know about fractals – a geometry so elaborate that in any scale of magnification, the shape is still basically the same. A non-ideal example is trees: zooming in (looking at the branches) gives you a “mini-tree” shape; do that again and you get more mini-mini-trees, and so on. Real fractal trees look like trees even when you zoom in infinitely many times. Read more »

Akhirnya Bebas Juga dari Tes NTU dan NUS

Akhirnya tes NTU dan NUS selesai juga! Persiapan yang melelahkan (dan kurang ada gunanya karena soal yang keluar tidak terduga…) juga akhirnya sudah tidak perlu dilakukan lagi. Soal kepercayaan diri mengenai hasil tes… rahasia ;)

Lalu bagaimana peluang untuk masuk NTU dan NUS tahun ini? Dengar-dengar sih untuk NUS, yang diterima dari Indonesia sekitar 30 orang… Yang tes di Jakarta 200 orang, dan di tempat satu lagi (Medan kalau tidak salah) harusnya sih sekitar 100 orang, jadi kurang lebih ada 300 orang. Peluangnya 1:10…

Nah kalau untuk NTU peluangnya simpang siur. Ada yang mengatakan kalau Pater Baskoro (kepala sekolah Kanisius) sudah meminta NTU untuk menaikkan kuota Indonesia menjadi 300 orang. Tetapi ada juga yang mengatakan kalau kuota tahun ini berkurang jadi 60 orang saja (tahun lalu ada sekitar 120 lebih orang dari seluruh Indonesia). Hhhhhhh….

Ya sudahlah, semoga saja banyak orang Indonesia yang diterima (dan di antaranya ada gw ^^)!

Squashed Philosophers

Do you want to look smart, but you do not have the time or motivation to read books about philosophy? Now you can!

Squashed Philosophers is a condensed version of all those magnificent philosophy books: it preserves the thoughts present in the books but removes any unnecessary readings. The removal can be up to 90% high, so a book that needed 10 hours reading time before can now be read in just 1 hour! The website has summaries for philosophers ranging from Plato to Alan Turing.

I personally recommend you reading Rene Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy, Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, and Alan Turing’s Computing Machinery & Intelligence. If you browse further into the site, you can also find more summaries about those popular-but-you-never-read stories, such as Shakespeare’s works, Don Quixote, and the Bhagavad-Gita (the best part of Mahabharata, the most popular Indian epic). Read more »

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